Sustainable in Elwood

Our brief was to create a dry, sustainable and low maintenance garden, to suit the house.  The client was keen to rely on the elements alone – no irrigation, watering systems or tanks….we were basically give blank canvas.

We retained some established ornamental pears that screened out the neighbours and some existing bamboo screens that we incorporated into the overall design.

As you move through the garden the eclectic design, plantings and use of reclaimed materials is consistent throughout – from the ‘no lawn’ front, down the natural decking along the side and opening up to the rear contemporary desert like rear.

Reclaimed timber was selected as a paving alternative and to tie in with the shed we constructed entirely of reclaimed materials. The plant selection of natives, grasses, cacti, succulents and exotics creates a great palette of texture and colour that has thrived on natural rainfall alone.

This garden has been featured in the following publications:
Green Magazine (Issue 17)
Backyard Magazine (Sustainable and Water-wise Gardens edition)